Free-To-Air Satellite Television

Free-to-air satellite television is more affordable, and easier to install, than you may think! It works using the Optus D2 satellite, which is only about 35000+ km above our earth!

Once installed, you have many many channels, and best of all, they are then free to view...

Christian Channels (in English)
Links are included on first three channels listed, so you can see the content... Most channels can be watched online for free, and if you have an "unlimited" broadband connection that is ideal, but for those of us who have limited download availability, a satellite installation works out more affordable:

Amazing Discoveries
Hope Channel
God TV
The Way TV
Angel TV
and much MORE!
News Channels (in English)

RT (Russia Today)

CNC World (China)
Press TV (Iran)

About 40+ channels all together! Many in other languages too.

What Will It Cost Me?
In Orange you can currently buy a "kit" for about $275 (as at October 2015), which includes all the equipment you need to set up the system. If you can buy a kit in Sydney, cost of kit will likely be even cheaper!

Installation costs are currently about $155 (as at February 2015) in Orange. If you are handy, and can install it yourself, this cost will be free.

So for about $420, or $275, maximum (as outlined above), you can have it all set up.

The real beauty of this system, is that once you pay upfront once only payment, there are NO ONGOING MONTHLY COSTS from then on! It is then truly FREE.

Contact us today for furthur information on how you can have your very own free-to-air Satellite TV system!

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