We Welcome You!

Our vision


Mike Hayes of Covenant Church Texas (mega-church of about 10000 people), United States, states in his book, 'When God Is First' (page 121): "The reason we have church on Sunday is not because Sunday is the Sabbath. In fact, Sunday is not the Sabbath. Saturday is, and always has been the Sabbath day. There is no commandment that changed the Sabbath to Sunday."

We welcome you to visit with us any and every Sabbath (Saturday) from 9.30AM till around noon.

When we have guest speakers, we usually also have a fellowship lunch, check out the Bulletin for when our next one will be. The lunch is totally free of charge, and very delicious too!

Would you like to get to know Jesus Christ, and understand His Word, the Bible? If so, we encourage you to Request Bible Studies, and we would be more than happy to share this with you, also free of charge

Our children's programs (Pathfinder and Adventurer Clubs) run throughout the year, and are open to all kids in the community in each age group, 10 to 15 (or 16) and 4 to 9 respectively

Within our site find valuable resources to aid you in your Bible study, including Bible studies, links to other excellent sites, information about satellite television, outlines some of our basic Christian beliefs, and more.

Jesus invites you to be ready
for His soon return!

Matthew 24:44
 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh

God bless you!