It Is Written Oceania

Local Viewing Channels and Times

Channel 7 (Prime7 Orange) Sunday 4:00-4:30am

Channel 10 (Southern Cross 10 Orange) Sunday 4:30-5:00am, Tuesday 7:00pm, Wednesday 1:00pm (repeat)
Australian Christian Channel (ACC - Foxtel / Austar / Optus) Friday 5:00am (repeat), Friday 12:00pm (repeat)

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It Is Written Oceania - Mission Statement
It Is Written Oceania is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. We seek to impact lives for Christ in four ways – through the weekly telecast, the Internet, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, and Christian living and faith-sharing resources.

It Is Written Oceania - Theme
It is written‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’” Jesus Christ - Matthew 4:4

The It Is Written ministry is based on the premise that God’s Word has the answers to today’s challenges. The Bible outlines a message of hope and contains thousands of promises to empower your life.

It Is Written believes in the Bible as the only true authoritative guide to life. We seek to share the Word and encourage a personal relationship with Jesus through a commitment to personal Bible study.

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