Out and About - Dubbo

Posted on 20 Nov 2016

Susana and I left home about 6am on Sabbath morning 19 November, and thankfully the dog-leg road we went on, as we crossed the highway between Wellington and Dunedoo was open, as opposed to both directions going to Wellington and Dunedoo being closed from that cross-over point, due to major roadworks I found out later.

We arrived at Dubbo church around 9:15am, in plenty of time for Sabbath School. Though Dubbo church has less membership than Orange, it was very pleasant to see many adults arrive before 9:30 for Sabbath School, and we broke up into two larger classes!

We had a very positive and dynamic discussion in Sabbath School, and I found many members at Dubbo hold the truth of God's Word dear to their hearts, which was very heart-warming.

Our special program for 26 November was mentioned up the front during the announcements, and I personally invited the members to our program while handing out our very first church newsletter.

Bogdan took the service, and presented a stirring and challenging message about the Holy Spirit in connection with the implementation of revival and reformation in each of our own lives, together with the facts that God not only accepts us as we are, but desires to transform us into His image and likeness by the power of the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ, so we can indeed be overcomers.

At the end of the service each person/family were given a booklet which Bogdan recommended, called “Steps to Personal Revival” by Helmut Haubell.

We were invited to stay for lunch at the church, and enjoyed further fellowship with the membership. I also found out that Dubbo has a fellowship lunch at their church every week! (Hint hint, nudge nudge...)

After lunch we were invited back to Bogdan's place and they shared with us the wedding photos of Stephan and Sarah, as well as Libby's creative side with a wedding photo montage complete with tree branch; as well as general chit-chat about how our members were doing back at Orange. Bogdan sends his greetings to you all, "God bless you both and Orange church".

Arrived home well after Sabbath, so a big day out. Can highly recommend Dubbo church for you to visit sometime...

by David Mazak