Absolutely FABS "Regional" - Orange

Posted on 01 Dec 2016

We'll call it a successful "unofficial" Regional... In the last month or so, using an idea sprouted at the Visioning Conference in September at Bathurst, I had the privilege of starting to work with local churches in a roughly two hour radius from Orange, to share what is happening locally, so churches can connect with each other more, and not be so isolated.

One big advantage I have thought about with this idea, is that if someone from another church personally knows someone in your area, but your local church has no contact with them, the person from the other church can personally invite them to your church for a special program. This can only happen if churches share information about what is happening locally with each other! Lay members can play a big part in making this happen.

Was lovely to see our church at Orange just shy a few seats from being full! We had visitors from Dubbo, Narromine, Parkes, Forbes, Young, Cowra, Mandurama, and even from as far away as Cobar!

Sabbath 26 November 2016 saw a group from Sydney come to Orange to present our Sabbath program for us, who are called "Filipino Adventist Bible Study Group", or FABS for short.

A very musical program, showing God's love and care for us. They had a children's choir - Kids of God...

Men's choir - Men of Destiny...

FABS Choir...

Full FABS with Children's Choir together...

An excellent children's story about pencils was presented in the afternoon program. It's what is on the inside that counts, and the marks left behind. (Jinjin Mondejar)

Our main speaker for the Worship Service and Afternoon Program was brother Mike Sumera.

Some happy snaps at the end of the day...

This is how you take a photo, now look at me! (Marlon Ramones)

No problem, I will just sneak across here, no one will notice... (Emerson Taguiam)

A big thank you to FABS for visiting with us, making our day special. We know you put a lot of organising and effort into the program... Also thank you to all our visitors from around the region for accepting our invite. Hope you all had a memorable day. God bless you all.

by David Mazak