Out and About - Narromine

Posted on 30 Dec 2016

Sabbath morning 10 December Susana and I went to Narromine Church. Church attendance was down on usual, as many church members and children were involved with the 'Road to Bethlehem' program on the Friday evening.

Sabbath School involved two reasonably sized classes, and the class we attended had wholesome and challenging discussions.

The worship hour song service included some powerful hymns out of our hymnbook, and we enjoyed the fellowship with the members there. The sermon posed the question, "Was Jesus a Pirate?"

We were invited to home for lunch, and then spent a little while down by the river, before attending the 'Road to Bethlehem' program later in the evening. The program is a portrayal of the time just before and during the birth of Jesus.

Here are some of the photos we took:


Guard talking to Wise Men

Let's go to Bethlehem

Guards escort Wise Men to Herod

Herod the Great

No room at the Inn

Children's choir

Mary and Wise Men after birth of Jesus

by David Mazak