Women's Ministries

We have half the strength of our ancestors, yet we try to accomplish twice as much.  No wonder that most of the time it feels as if we have to drag our overworked and depleted bodies through our daily routines.  We strive to be good mothers, and wonderful wives in between our careers, but we have just so much energy available to manage all our different roles.  Dear Lord, will You please take charge of my abilities and my obligations and balance them.

"I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God."  Ezekial 34:15 KJV

Anne de Bosch
South African Union Conference

God can rejuvenate your tired spirit



Study Bible for Women
The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Women’s Ministries department has released the Woman’s Bible, the first study Bible specifically designed for women by the Adventist Church.

The Woman’s Bible, published by Safeliz Publishing House, is a New King James Version of the Bible that offers more than 100 commentaries, study materials and profiles on major and lesser-known female biblical characters written by Adventist women.

We’re so glad we could offer this resource to encourage our sisters globally in their walk with God to motivate women who may not read the Bible or read much of it to do so. We want to give women tools at their fingertips that can be used in personal Bible study and when giving Bible studies to others.

The Bibles are now available at your local Adventist Book Centre

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