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COVID-19 Is it all Hopeless?

Today we begin a journey of discovery. A journey of hope. That there are simple, powerful steps we can all take to be better prepared or to recover faster.

Fight Corona Virus with Immunity Boosting Foods

Discover the difference that simply saying yes to some foods and no to others can make to your immune system, and to your prevention or recovery of COVID-19.

Fight Coronavirus with NAC

Discover what NAC is and how it can help you optimise your health.

Fight Coronavirus with Exercise

How would like to feel in control of your own health? Discover with us this important and simple strategy to take the control back.

Fight Coronavirus with Saunas

Discover how the enjoyable and simple strategic use of saunas can build your immunity and fight off the coronavirus.

Fight Coronavirus with Good Hygiene

Amazing and proven principles of hygiene that will enable you to fight the coronavirus

Fight Coronavirus with Vitamin D

Learn how vitamin D plays a significant role in boosting your immunity and thereby protecting you not on from Covid, but also other viruses and bacterias.

Fight Coronavirus with Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide improves our immune function. The great news is you probably won't need to purchase a supplement, but you can eat your way to better immunity. Discover how easy and tasty it can be in today's video.

Fight Coronavirus with Sleep

With Sleep! How can sleep improve your immunity? Check out the research that Dr Gallant shares about this often overlooked health improver.

Fight Coronavirus as a Diabetic

There is often fear associated with coronavirus, especially amongst those with underlying health conditions. In this presentation, director of the Weimar University, Dr Neil Nedley addresses proactive steps those with compromised immune systems can take, to bolster the odds in their favour.

The Science Behind Treating Covid-19 with Hydrotherapy

President of Weimar University, Dr Neil Nedley shares the science behind how hydrotherapy is effective in treating mild-moderate instances of covid-19.

The Science Behind Treating Covid-19 with a Steam Bath

Ever wondered what a steam bath could do for you? Dr Nedley explains the when and how to treat Covid-19 with this effective home-based treatment.

Scientific Benefits of Hot Fomentations to Fight Off Covid-19

In this episode Dr Nedley outlines how to treat Covid-19 with more progressed symptoms through a more aggressive hydrotherapy treatment.